Delivering Strategic Advice & Business Solutions

Corporate Strategy

The Wavecrest Group's Corporate Strategy practice advises clients on critical strategic decisions that impact all facets of their organizations. We combine our deep understanding of the issues faced by rapidly growing enterprises with innovative and rigorous analytical techniques to provide strategic advice to our clients in the following areas:

• Strategy Formulation & Articulation
Industry & Market Research
Market Entry Strategy
Strategy & Tactics Execution

Our clients consistently outmaneuver their competitors by developing compelling & cohesive corporate visions, aggressively pursuing both current and new market opportunities, and effectively managing or deploying physical and financial capital.


Financial Advisory & Operations

The Wavecrest Group’s Financial Advisory & Operations practice provides full-service independent financial advisory services. Our services give business executives the tools they need to better document, understand, and manage their business operations. We also provide ongoing financial advice to boards of directors, audit committees and independent directors.

Management Reports & Controls
Cash Flow Management
Financial Statement Modeling & Forecasting
Accounting Systems & Processes

We provide management with tools ensuring that it always has immediate access to accurate, supportable, objective, and timely information & advice.


Transaction Advisory & Valuation

Transaction Advisory & Valuation Services helps companies make acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances, and gain access to the capital markets. We provide views of both the immediate impact of transactions on financial and operating position as well as a longer-term finance and market perspective. We leave no stone unturned in examining the value of an enterprise or venture -- from hard assets such as inventory and real estate; to difficult-to-value holdings such as research & development, core intellectual property and customer lists; to intangibles such as brand value and non-compete agreements.

Venture Analysis & Valuation
Business Case Due Diligence
Business Plan Composition
Captial Sourcing Assistance

We provide our clients with a wide range of cutting-edge finance tools in collaboration with the rest of the Wavecrest Group.


Management & Information Solutions

Our Management & Information Solutions practice consistently provides our clients practical solutions that deliver greater process efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and increased productivity. Beginning with a comprehensive view of organizational systems needs--defined in collaboration with top client executives--we provide a common IT framework which integrates business processes at every level of the organization.

Enterprise Solutions Architecture
Enterprise Systems Integration
Security Solutions
Microsoft Solutions

Our clients receive practical, rapidly deployed solutions that show immediate and demonstrable impact on their business operations.

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